Build the future of DeFi

RIF is a growing toolkit of protocols that make it easy to build fast, scalable and secure products and services on the blockchain.

The building blocks
of Web3 finance

RIF is built on Rootstock, the only Blockchain
that brings together the security of Bitcoin
with the smart contract capabilities of Ethereum.

Get support on solution development, research and strategy.

Get products to market faster and reduce operational costs with RIF's open source tools.

Bring users all the benefits of Web3 without losing the user experience of Web2

RNS (RIF Name Service)

Decentralized identity management made simple

RNS (RIF Name Service) makes it easy to integrate a
self-sovereign identity (SSI) protocol in to your products,
providing security and flexibility to your users.

Replace complex alphanumeric public keys with simple, easy to remember nicknames

Connect RNS to any of your user’s personal resources, such as wallet address, digital ID or NFT

Reduces DeFi complexity:

Drives adoption by bringing improved UX and functionalities into Web 3.

Community and brand building:

Connects communities and users to strengthen brand awareness, by facilitating seamless onboarding and interaction.

Tailored for businesses:

Seamless partner integration with features like bulk domains registration, one-step purchasing and registration on users’ behalf.

RIF Relay

Gas fees made simple

Accelerate mass adoption with RIF Relay - the most secure gas fees abstraction solution for Rootstock’s ecosystem.

RIF Relay makes gas fees payments simple and seamless by enabling users to pay transation feeds with any ERC20 token. This enables end users to transact entirely using one asset, removing complexity and improving onboarding.

Benefits of Relay

Lower entry barriers for new users.

Margin earnings on top of the transaction fees collected.

Significant improvement of usability, without compromising security.

Increased usage, with crypto transactions as seamless as traditional.

RIF Flyover
Unlocking value in Bitcoin

RIF Flyover provides a fast and secure way to transfer BTC in and out of the Rootstock Ecosystem where it can be put to work in DeFi applications.

Earn interest, access loans, hedge against inflation and more, all in a decentralized, and censorship-resistant way.

For Bitcoiners:
Bitcoin holders using a secure wallet, or an exchange and want to leverage Rootstock ecosystem and the RIF economy.

For Liquidity Providers:
Entities that provide advance payments in Rootstock and Bitcoin on behalf of users.

For Exchanges:
Who want to provide faster onboarding to RBTC, Rootstock ecosystem, and RIF itself, without having to list Rootstock assets on their exchange.

Coming soon

RIF DeFi Gateway

A DeFi App Store

A easy way to give your users access to a range of trusted decentralized finance services.

Integrate DeFi services from Rootstock’s ecosystem in to your products seamlessly and at scale.

Have you built a product or protocol that helps make everyday DeFi a reality? Make your dApp available on DeFi Gateway, reach additional users and earn revenue from service fees.

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RIF Aggregation

Ultra fast payments at a low cost

RIF Aggregation enables fast, on-the-spot payments, at an ultra low transaction cost by leveraging the scaling power of zero-knowledge (ZK) proofs. Ideal for micro transactions or enabling PoS payments using cryptocurrency.

This solution for processing payments at scale inherits the security and decentralization of its base layer blockchains — Rootstock and Bitcoin, while maintainingEVM compatibility.

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