What is RIF’s token purpose?

The RIF Token is intended to allow any token holder to consume any services that are compatible with RIF OS Protocols. Such services may include third party-developed infrastructure services, and any other apps that might be deployed on our framework that agrees to accept RIF Tokens as a means of accessing / consuming the service or app.

Also those providing infrastructure services in the RIF OS Marketplace will be required to deposit a certain amount of RIF tokens that will be locked and used in case the service level agreement with users is not fulfilled.

Where I can find info about the specs and architecture of the RIF OS protocols?

To understand the vision behind RIF OS read the White Paper.

To get a general overview of the protocols and their interactions read the RIF OS Architecture documentation.

To learn more about each RIF OS Protocol and implementations go to our Documentation section.

What is the RIF Token Smart Contract address?

The RIF Token Smart Contract was deployed on the RSK Network on November 9, 2018, at around 8:12 pm UTC. The contract address and details can be explored via the RSK Blockchain Explorer here:

Which wallets currently support RIF Token?




Given the open nature of the RSK Network any exchange or wallet can freely integrate RIF Token or any other token living on the RSK Live Mainnet without requesting permission. Therefore we don’t have an extensive list of Exchanges supporting RIF but we list those that have reached out for technical assistance on the integration with the RSK Live Network and the RIF Token.




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What is it RIF’s available supply?

1 billion RIF Tokens have been issued by the RIF Token Smart Contract at the moment of its deployment but initially only around 320 million have been made available to be redeemed by the early contributors of the project. The remaining tokens have been locked into the RIF Token Smart Contract and will be unlocked over a period of 5 years as specified in the white paper.

An approximate* unlocking schedule is summarized in table below:


* Since one of the unlocking conditions depends on the usage of the tokens, the table represents the maximum number of tokens that can be circulating at a specific point in time.


How can I check the RIF Token balance of an account?

Paste your address and view your balance in the RSK Explorer.

I still have tons of questions about RIF Token!

Don’t worry we have compiled an FAQ’s with the most asked questions from the community here: