The building blocks of a new financial system

Open-source, decentralized tools and technologies that make it easy to build accessible DeFi products.

Create the next generation of DeFi products

RIF's growing toolkit of protocols and interfaces speed up the creation
of products and services that address your user's everyday financial needs.

Send money anywhere in the world with local currency on/off ramps.

Save in USD with safe, low-risk, stablecoins.

Borrow with uncollateralized community-supported loans.

Pay utility bills and receive salaries in crypto.


Fintech pioneers use RIF to develop useful, affordable, and scalable decentralised products on the blockchain.

Want to learn how?

Unlock new opportunities
with the RIF token

The RIF token allows any holder to use services built with RIF and benefit as the ecosystem grows. Use RIF tokens and participate in a network providing the tools for builders to create a future global economy that is fair and accessible for all.

Supported Wallets