Decentralized Sharing Economies (DSE) are collaborative marketplaces where individuals interact on a peer-to-peer basis coordinated by immutable smart contracts.

Traditional sharing economies have been built around Big Tech companies which impose changing rules to their users and monetize their personal information without sharing the profits with them.

The goal of DSE is to allow open access platforms where individuals around the globe can exchange information, value and services with full control and transparency, enforced by the marketplace algorithms.

RIF goal is to enable Decentralized Sharing Economies to flourish in order to empower and protect the value of individuals.

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H1 2020
RIF Payments Define specs of a streaming/gaming library
RIF Tools Plugin MVP
H2 2020
RIF Marketplace MVP Launch - Mainnet
RIF Identity RNS Manager: reboot UX & UI
RIF Storage IPFS file persistance: Phase 2 - centralised pinning with collateral
RIF Identity RIF Identity: Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) platform MVP

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“Making blockchain technology easier, faster and scalable to foster mass adoption”

RIF aims to create the building blocks to construct a fully decentralized internet.
All RIF services are designed to facilitate the interaction of the global community of developers and the blockchain technology.

Bitcoin has proven to allow the peer-to-peer, censorship resistant transfer of value and now RIF, powered by RSK, aims to add the identity, storage, communication, gateways, micro-payments and gateways layers to allow the creation of Decentralized Sharing Economies to protect the rights of the individual and users.

By providing the infrastructure and services needed to enable Blockchain mass adoption, RIF hopes to contribute to the transformation and improvement of the lives of millions of financially excluded individuals around the world.


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RIF Token

The RIF Token allows any token holder to consume the services that are compatible with the RIF architecture.

RIF Token

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RIF Token Smart Contract address

The RIF Token Smart Contract was deployed on the RSK Network on November 9, 2018, at around 8:12 pm UTC. The contract address and details can be explored via the RSK Blockchain Explorer here: