Get your domain,
forget your address

RIF Name Service provides an architecture which enables the identification
of blockchain addresses by human-readable names.


Ease of use is key for reaching the unbanked and
non-technical users.
It’s difficult to expect a broad
adoption if users must copy and paste long hexadecimal
addresses to transfer or receive digital assets.
By adding a name resolution service complexity
of the system is much reduced.


Ease of use

By enabling the use of Aliases, RIF Name Service (RNS) makes
the use of blockchain technology easy and intuitive,
fostering mass adoption.

RNS is utilized across RIF Payments, RIF Storage, RIF
Communications and other RIF Services
providing a seamless
experience to end users.


Blockchain interoperability is key for the success
of the ecosystem
as a whole.

RNS provides the first cross platform naming service available
for all major blockchains
such as Bitcoin, Litecoin amongst others.


Built on top of RSK, it inherits Bitcoin's decentralize
nature and security.

Cost effective

Acquiring a domain cost less than a dollar.
Once a domain is acquired, subdomains can be delegated
with no additional cost.

RSK Partners can benefit from the RNS protocol
by issuing subdomains.

Supported Wallets

All of the following wallets have integrated RNS,
meaning you can start using your Alias with them right away!