On the path to DSE: The RIF Marketplace

By Julian Rodriguez - RIF Marketplace PO
June 30, 2020

RIF Marketplace provides a one-stop-shop for a wide variety of decentralized services, allowing providers and consumers to meet in a secure and efficient way. The main goal is to enable the fast and efficient creation of decentralized sharing economies (DSE) on top of RSK and RIF, providing the required tools to bring all parties together. Providers can list their offerings and connect with potential users for a vast range of decentralized services such as Storage, Payments, Communications, and Data Services, presenting at the same time a common and unified interface and user experience.

In a previous post we mentioned that Marketplaces are at the heart of the “Sharing Economy”, and on that same line, we consider the RIF Marketplace the “heart” of the RIF economy, as it serves as the main component through which all the other RIF services will connect with their end-users and customers. The RIF Marketplace will allow service providers to stake RIF (or RIF-backed assets) as an insurance/collateral for their services and to position themselves as preferred and/or secure providers. It also includes slashing, reputation, and dispute resolution mechanisms, to ensure a correct behavior from all parties involved.

The main features provided by the RIF Marketplace are:

  • Unified and Simplified interface: The RIF Marketplace is designed with a strong focus on the end-user making it simple for them to consume the services and providing a unified and simplified interface to access multiple providers and technologies in each of the service categories.
  • Wide range of services: The RIF Marketplace covers all the required building blocks for developers to build Decentralized applications and systems including Storage, Communications, Payments, Data Services, and Meta-transactions).
  • Decentralization: By being fully decentralized the RIF Marketplace provides all the associated benefits such as security, transparency, censorship resistance, immutability, self-owned reputation, among others)

In the long term, we expect the RIF Marketplace not only to be one of the main sources for users and developers to access decentralized services, but also serve as the cornerstone and base the creation/development of other decentralized marketplaces for many different use cases. The RIF Marketplace aims to be the foundation of multiple applications and projects that would bring us closer to a more decentralized, inclusive, and fair world such as the one we envision in RIF.

View our technical documentation for the RIF Marketplace here: https://github.com/rsksmart?q=rif-marketplace

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