rLogin is the first step to access the DeFi
world while achieving Self-Sovereign Identity.
It will let users manage only one account to access
both Web3 and Identity 3.0 (SSI) platforms.

DeFi will enable financial freedom while SSI
will give privacy back to the users and the power
of data portability and control over who and
what companies can access their data.


rLogin is fully compatible with any EVM blockchain:
RSK, Ethereum, and others.

It is a crucial component for achieving Self Sovereign Identity,
letting users build and manage their own digital identity.

It complies with ERC1056 and W3C SSI standards: Decentralized
Identifiers (DID) and Verifiable Credentials.

Set up your rLogin

Set up your rLogin, create your data vault (alpha stage!), and manage your DID here

Identity Manager

Try rLogin on one
of the integrated platforms!

Try rLogin on one of the integrated platforms!

Why integrate rLogin?

Ater integrating rLogin you can achieve:

> A front-end capable of interacting with any blockchain wallet
that the user chooses, with a pre-designed user experience for
registration and login

> A back-end authenticating users by their wallet addressed -
their Decentralized Identifiers (DID)

> A registration model capable of requesting users for data
in its user-centric cloud storage, the Data Vault

> Compatibility with a unified platform where the user can control
their identity and information, the RIF Identity Manager.