RIF Payments

Building the definitive architecture for scalable, trusted payments on Web3.

Built using Rootstock smart contracts on Bitcoin.

RIF Payments is a borderless, open-source protocol for making
safe, secure, and reliable payments. Being developed with high assurance, high speed and low costs at its core, it’s the payment solution made for everyone across the world.

Benefits of the new RIF Payments Protocol

Process transactions between users on highly scalable rails

Aggregate high number of transactions and various Rootstock assets

Choose to operate in a custodial or non-custodial setting

Near-instant transactions (low latency)

Near-zero transaction costs

As secure as Rootstock and Bitcoin - leverages on Bitcoin security through merged mining

Support for any Rootstock(RSK)-deployed token

Make cross-token Payments

RIF Relay V2.0

Holding the native blockchain token for paying transaction fees creates friction for onboarding
users into the DeFi ecosystem. In the ideal world, a project and its users should choose a token
as means of payment for transacting on the blockchain - adding an additional use case for
their token of choice.

RIF Relay conquers this hurdle and blocker to mass adoption by allowing any ERC20 token
to be used to pay for transaction fees!

RIF Aggregation

RIF Aggregation provides a definitive solution to scalability without compromising on security or decentralization.
By utilizing Zero-Knowledge rollups it allows for near-instant, low-cost transactions, removing much of the friction for users.
RIF Aggregation is the next step in delivering easy Web 3.0 access to the everyday person.

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Do you have a use case that would benefit from RIF Payments integration?
If you work with regular payments, remittances, or micropayments, that’s you.

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