RIF Payments

RIF Payments is a protocol that allows access to any off-chain payment network, supporting any token deployed on the RSK network, enabling fast, highly scalable, low-cost off-chain payments.

By creating an abstraction layer between different payment networks, and allowing cross-token and cross-network transactions, It’s goal is to allow users to seamlessly interact with multiple cross-blockchain off-chain networks such as Lumino, Lightning and Raiden.

Powered by the RSK sidechain network, RIF Lumino Network is a third-layer solution to the Bitcoin Blockchain, that enables bitcoin-friendly, off-chain payment capabilities to any token deployed on the RSK Network, reducing costs by orders of magnitude with near-instant payment processing speeds.

Advantages of the Lumino Network:

  • Lower Costs
  • Faster Confirmation Times
  • Support for any RSK-Deployed token
  • Cross-Token Payments
  • Lightning Network Friendly
    • Invoice System is compliant with LN’s
    • Cross-Network Payments

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