RIF Identity

RIF Identity is the identity and reputation layer within the RIF ecosystem with RNS as one of its key components.

It will provide users and nodes with unified APIs and libraries to interact with all major self-sovereign identity protocols.

RIF Identity is meant to allow users to easily control their IDs to interact in decentralized economies while building a self-sovereign reputation that will enable users, especially those excluded from the traditional financial system, to participate in the decentralized digital economy of the future.

The main goal of RIF Identity is to protect users' personal data in a privacy respectful way, empowering them to manage who can access it and giving them full control of their reputation so they can use it to interact with multiple marketplaces and platforms with freedom to move from one to another without losing their track record, contacts and social value.

RNS Definition

RIF Name Service (RNS) is a decentralized service that allows users to have a readable domain in any blockchain. It can be used to identify other personal resources, such as payment, ID, storage or communication addresses.

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rLogin is the first step to access the DeFi world while achieving Self-Sovereign Identity. It will let users manage only one account to access both Web3 and Identity 3.0 (SSI) platforms.

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