RIF Name Services – First DNS To Manage Domains From Any Blockchain

June 13, 2019

The main objective of RIF services is to facilitate the use of Blockchain technology by making it available for everyone as simple as possible. One of the main challenges when dealing with crypto-assets, is interaction with multiple addresses that are difficult to manage and remember.

The RIF Name Service (RNS) was designed to make the user experience more friendly by providing an architecture which enables the identification of blockchain addresses by human-readable names or aliases. It can be used to identify other personal resources, such as payment or communication addresses. Centralizing the access to multiple resources associated with a human-readable name, improves the blockchain platform’s user experience. Additionally, by adding a name resolution service, or “alias”, the probability of errors is significantly reduced. As resource names may change over time, the system needs to be flexible to support frequent changes.

Up until now, RIF Name Service only supported addresses built on the RSK Network but currently, blockchain users manage multiple types of coins and assets. This can be observed everywhere on the present where wallets support different types of currencies, exchanges allow subscribing and withdrawing different assets and services receive different payment methods. That is the exact reason why we are launching RIF Name Service MultiCrypto.

The new RNS functionality enables that different resolver implementations can adhere in order to facilitate consistent multi-chain resolutions, keeping the address-resolution data active and accessible. This means that a RIF Name Service alias or domain becomes the only service in the world that enables users to manage tokens built on top of any platform enhancing interoperability. This powerful feature makes it much easier for consumers to move assets seamlessly across different networks/tokens hence facilitating mass adoption of crypto-assets.

We are really proud of building the foundations that will help the cryptocurrency, blockchain, and dApp space accessible for everyone without sacrificing the benefits that these technologies deliver. For more information on this topic, please visit the following link: https://github.com/rnsdomains/RNSIPs/blob/master/IPs/RNSIP03.md

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