The RIF Brand Guidelines

The materials included in the RIF Media Kit are intended to be used to accurately represent the RIF brand. For all other media, sponsorship, and partnership inquiries please contact the RIF Team via:

Download media kit



Full Color – This is the primary RIF logo. It is crucial to the brand and its messaging. The RIF logo should be used in this form at all times possible.

One Color – For use in print and web scenarios where only one color is permitted.

Brand Colors

The following are the institutional brand colors of the RIF brand. Utilize the hex value shown for accurate representation on the web.


Roboto – The RIF Primary Typeface for web application is Roboto, a Google Font. Roboto’s forms are largely geometric, and at the same time features friendly and open curves. This makes for a more natural reading rhythm for users.

Roboto Bold
Roboto Medium
Roboto Regular
Roboto Light

App / Touch Icon

For use in on-screen applications such as mobile applications, websites, and others where just the RIF Icon is necessary. Note: This is not to be confused for the primary RIF logo. It is a supplemental tool to be used as a part of the RIF brand.

Incorrect Usage

The following are examples of incorrect usage of the RIF logo (with corresponding image examples):

1. Do not rearrange or adjust placement.
2. Do not rotate.
3. Do not switch the color application.
4. Do not place on a background color in which the logo is not fully visible.