RIF Technology Update & 2020 Roadmap

April 6, 2020

Dear friends around the world.

Despite these tough times, the RIF team continues working remotely from more than 7 countries around the world with the goal of helping billions of people to benefit from blockchain technology and a fully decentralized internet.

The main purpose of the RIF services suite is to enable the construction of fully decentralized applications and sharing economies on top of Bitcoin and RSK infrastructure. Hence, the RIF services tackle the most important points of control and abuse on the internet, offering global users open-source protocols and tools to decentralize those points of failure.

We are proud to share the following achievements from RIF OS and announce our roadmap for 2020. We hope you share our vision with us.

RIF OS Roadmap

  • 1st half of 2020:
    • RIF Payments
      • Specifications of a Lumino streaming/gaming library
      • Stablecoins integrated into Lumino
    • RIF Tools
      • Plugin MVP; First integrations focused on RNS and lumino
    • RIF Marketplace
      • RNS buy/sell Domains Marketplace (Testnet)
    • RIF Storage
      • Hosting websites on RIF Storage

  • 2nd half of 2020:
    • RIF Payments
      • Hub fees
      • Watchtowers - They provide security to users in case their counterparty wants to take their funds when they are offline (Key for mobile dApps)
    • RIF Tools
      • Unified explorer MVP
    • RIF Gateways
      • Schedulers - Beta release of first Scheduler Service
      • Oracles - Libraries and APIs; Release of Oracles Libraries and APIs
    • RIF Marketplace
      • Launch of RIF Marketplace on Mainnet - 2 main services: Pinning and RNS
    • RIF Identity
      • RNS: UX, UI & other important improvements and fixes for the RNS manager
      • RIF Identity: Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) platform MVP
    • RIF Storage
      • RIF Storage: Marketplace integration of IPFS file persistence
      • RIF Storage available to Taringa community

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RIF OS Achievements

It is crucial for us at RIF not only to share our vision but also to deliver it to users. With this in mind, you can read below our major achievements and milestones so far.

RIF Identity and RNS (RIF Name Service) are meant to facilitate self-sovereign identity (SSI) to protect individuals and allow easier blockchain interaction to foster mass adoption. During 2019 we launched Name Services for public use in January, during June we expanded its functionality to manage domains from any blockchain in the industry and by the end of 2019, we released a new registration process removing auctions as part of the process in order to make RNS friendlier and easier to use and foster mass adoption. In March 2020 we delivered a UI update to our RNS developers portal that has successfully made the process of registering domains and integrating RNS in solutions even more user friendly.

RIF Payments and the Lumino network launched in May 2019 at Consensus allow blockchain scalability and enable thousands of micro-transactions to promote affordable financial inclusion solutions as part of #DeFi4Bitcoin. One of the most exciting uses already available are the Bitcoin-backed stablecoins launched by Money On Chain on RSK, with micro offchain payments available on Lumino.

Also, Lumino Light Client that will be soon released has been conceived to facilitate mobile applications key to serving financially excluded users while maintaining maximum compatibility with the Lightning Network for full interoperability.

RIF Storage has been designed to add decentralized economic incentives to the main decentralized storage networks in order to make them sustainable and tackle one of the most centralized clusters of the internet. A major milestone of 2019 has been the close partnership and collaboration between the RIF Storage and the Swarm teams. During June we announced a partnership with Swarm in order to develop a breakthrough storage solution, also rolling out RIF Storage Tesnet for public use.

One of the newest services on the RIF family is RIF Gateways, which is in charge of providing blockchains with a secure and tamper-proof mechanism to interact with external systems. Its main components are oracle services, which can provide smart contracts with information from the “real world”, and triggers, which allow other applications to monitor the blockchain and react based on specific events. The Lumino Notifier is the first implementation of the RIF Gateways suite and will be released shortly, together with the RIF Gateways Whitepaper from our research team.

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We at IOVLabs, deeply believe that the Bitcoin, RSK and RIF technologies can empower our global society to develop the building blocks of a more decentralized, private and fair society with equal opportunities to all. Join us and let’s build the Internet of Value together.

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