RIF’s Self Sovereign Identity Developer Library and Repos have been released!

by RIF Identity PO Milton Berman
December 8th, 2020

We are pleased to announce the official release of RIF Identity’s Self Sovereign Identity solution! Developers can now access RIF Identity’s developer library and repos to integrate our Self Sovereign Identity solution into their projects.

This is an entirely open-source Self Sovereign Identity solution ready to be integrated for free, offering verifiable credentials and decentralized identifiers compliant with W3C’s VC and DID standards. It is also interoperable with any W3C DID and VC compliant system around the world.

RIF Identity’s solution is inherently user centric; credential holders in this system have complete control of their digital ID, restricting the chance of data abuse or privacy infringements. They can also choose to only show one specific aspect of their ID to the verifier, such as showing only the date of birth to purchase age-restricted items. This enables credential holders to have greater sovereignty over their own personal information.

The solution we have developed is suitable for any digital platforms interested in adding Self Sovereign Identity, including governments, the public sector, enterprises, or even DeFi dApps that need a secure digital ID solution.

Here’s a breakdown of RIF Identity’s Self Sovereign Identity Solution compared with others out there:

RIF Identity’s SSI product features:

  • DID and VC compatibility.
  • ERC1056 (uport) compatibility
  • Data Vault integration to store the VCs in IPFS.
    • DV Flavors:
      • Centralized IPFS pinner [DONE]
      • Decentralized IPFS/Swarm [Future Development]
      • Centralized Data Base [Future Development]
    • Compatibility with ETH + RSK + EVM compatible chains.
    • Multi-identity model enabled (one seed → multiple DIDs)

Future compatible releases:

  • rLogin = Web3Modal + DID Auth + RIF Identity SSI
  • Identity Manager dApp

We invite you to visit our github repositories to integrate (or collaborate with) the solution:

If you are interested in reading more about RIF Identity’s commitment to Self Sovereign Identity, check out our previous blog post.

If you are new to RIF Identity, take a look at our intro video to see what it’s all about!

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