Meet Them Team Ilán Olkies

On this post, we get to know more about RIF´s developer Ilán Olkies.
July 22, 2019

Why did you join the team?

In my last year in high school Ruben, co-founder of RSK, was my tutor in one of my projects. Before working in RSK, I had my first job experience with him and Adrian, also co-founder of RSK, in Kinetica Solutions developing web and mobile for IT Departments, both in Argentina and abroad. Two years later I started to work with them in the RSK project which turned out to be very interesting and challenging at the same time.

What are you currently working on? What do you enjoy most of your work?

I am currently a developer of smart contracts and dapps at the RNS team. In the RNS team, we build smart contracts, documentation, dapps and software development kits. RNS is a full stack blockchain solution with a robust development suite.

There are two things that I enjoy most of my work at RIF Labs: The first one, is the creative power that it gives me as a developer. RIF is currently on a stage of research and innovation which allows me to explore the different ideas that come to mind and make them tangible by developing them. Secondly and equally important, IOV offices are a beautiful environment to work. The team is very experienced and friendly which facilitates the learning experience.

Which technical features do you think make RSK & RIF an interesting option for developers compared to other popular options?

When choosing a smart contracts platform, I think that RSK is the best option for two reasons. The first one, is that the people that works on the development team and the community are very human and eager to help and collaborate. The second, is that it is an active project with great future ideas. RIF is very promising and is just beginning to take its first big steps. RIF token will be the basis of thousands of services developed by RIF Labs as well as by the community.

Which has been your biggest challenge so far as a developer in the blockchain industry?

My biggest challenge came with the announcement of the RIF token. My task was to develop a dapp that allows you to register your RNS name in a direct and intuitive way. It was very rewarding to overcome the challenge with merits, building RNS Manager as a full stack solution where you can register and manage your domain. We also built development documentation and tools.

Which do you believe to be the major current bottlenecks in the industry for blockchain developers?

The fear. Many developers still have the perception of blockchain technologies as something obscure and difficult to understand. Once a developer starts with blockchain development, he realizes that it was easier than he expected. When the fear is gone, any developer can build a robust solution in a very short time.

How do you envision the industry in the next five years? What role do you believe RSK/RIF will have on this?

I think that in the next years the massive adoption of this technology will be experienced, and will become the main thread all around the world. Young entrepreneurs will create and use blockchain solutions because they are efficient, reliable, cheap and fast. The role of RSK and RIF in this movement is to have a constant delivery of infrastructure, always on the vanguard, as they have been doing these last years.

Where can people contact you if they have any doubt?

I love to meet developers from all over the world with new and funny ideas, with doubts or with the desire to talk about the future of this beautiful technology. You can contact me by twitter. You can also have a look at my blog and collaborate in RSK, RIF and RNS projects on Github!

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