Meet The Team: Gabriel Kurman – RIF Strategist

On this interview, we get to know more about RIF Strategist, Gabriel Kurman.
April 16, 2019

What’s your current role on the company and why did you join the project?

I am currently the RIF Strategist in charge of coordinating the technical development and commercial adoption of all the RIF services. I have been part of RSKs´ team since its inception and was cofounder of RSK Labs. They main reasons why I feel so proud of being part of RSK and RIF is because I deeply believe in the potential of these technologies to become cornerstones of the Internet of Value, providing millions of individuals around the world new tools to promote their empowerment and financial freedom.

Which technical features do you think make RIF an interesting option both for developers & crypto investors compared to other options?

RIF services will be key to promote mass adoption of RSK blockchain technology. RIF Name Service facilitates the interaction of end users making the UX with blockchain technology simple and intuitive. RIF Payments has the potential to create the bases a of new decentralized and permission-less financial system. I expect multiple developers, banks and governments to use RIF Payments to build the next generation of low cost financial services. These and all the other RIF Services have multiple synergies among them while benefiting from the RSK infrastructure in the same way that RSK benefits from Bitcoin infrastructure.

What can we expect in terms of product development for RIF during 2019? Which specific features do you feel with have greater impact on the industry? Are there any bottlenecks in the industry that RIF is working to solve?

We are very excited about the partnerships and integrations being developed over RIF Name Service (RNS) and the long expected launch of the RIF Lumino Network that is coming and will be followed by RIF Payments and the MVP of RIF Storage. For more info, we will be publishing soon RIF´s public roadmap.

Which has been your biggest challenge on RIF so far and how did you solve it?

Building a 3rd layer technology of off-chain payments on top of RSK and secured by the Bitcoin network is quite challenging. In particular, given that we want it to be as compatible as possible with the amazing Lightning Network. We already have a bridge between RSK and the Lightning Network developed by the LN Chian Mai team. Now with RIF Payment we plan to bridge LN with RIF Lumino Network.

What do you enjoy most of your work?

The most amazing thing about IOVLabs (RSK Labs + RIF Labs) is its people. The team is comprised of amazingly talented people from all around the globe innovating and developing state-of-the-art technology to build a better world. I think, that sense of purpose is what connect us with the global Bitcoin community as well as the Solidity developers of the world who also see the potential that smart contracts secured by the Bitcoin Network can do to reshape the legacy financial system into something with equal opportunities to everyone. Anyone interested to contact me can find me on Twitter.

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