Meet The Team: Alejandro Banzas – Product Owner At RIF Name Service

On this interview, we get to know more about RNS Product Owner, Alejandro Banzas.
April 20, 2019

Why did you join the team?

By coincidence (or maybe not), most of my career was around new technologies evangelization, helping every developer and organization becoming experts in new technologies and using it to change the world positively. I felt in home when I knew about IOV Labs building RSK and RIF Services to achieve the mission of transforming the world into a more inclusive financial system.

Which company verticals are you currently working on? What do you enjoy most of your work?

Most of the time last year, I was meeting exciting communities building on RSK all around the world. We all agreed on the necessity of more connected and easy to integrate infrastructure services on top of the second most secure blockchain. Back in November 2018, we launched RIF with the first of its services, RIF Name Service (RNS). As the Product Owner, I had the opportunity to work with a great team. RNS allows users to register domains to be used in wallets, exchanges and dApps. Building cutting edge technologies, is a big challeng and I’m confident this will help changing what needs to be changed in our non-inclusive world.

Which technical features do you think make RSK & RIF an interesting option for developers compared to other popular options?

RIF and RSK together form a coherent infrastructure that decentralized applications can rely on. These protocols will initially include: Name Resolution, Data Storage, Secure Certified Communications, Data Feeds (i.e. Oracles), and Payment Processing.

Which has been your biggest challenge so far as a developer in the blockchain industry?

One of the biggest challenges in the whole tech industry (and blockchain is not excluded), is education. Everything we develop in RSK and RIF, is directed to face and solve this big challenge. On this sense, RIF Name Service (RNS) is a great example of a secure, private & easy-to-integrate solution for interaction with addresses. It’s a simple and strong solution if you want to use blockchain interactions in your applications without impacting user experience.

Which do you believe to be the major current bottlenecks in the industry for blockchain developers?

In order to achieve mass adoption of new technologies, we need to work together making every integration as simple as possible. This enables users to start using blockchain technology without expecting a change of behavior on their end. The main bottleneck, is the complexity of understanding this new technology. If we can reduce the knowledge curve, more developers and companies will adopt this technology faster, just like it happened back in the 90’s.

How do you envision the industry in the next five years? What role do you believe RSK/RIF will have on this?

Great professionals from diverse industries have been working together in building and improving the technology, regulations and mindsets. I expect exciting years to come while solving scalability issues, enabling mass adoption and developing interoperability. RSK and RIF are key actors on this revolution: the Internet of Value revolution. Transforming old-school and exclusive industries into innovative and inclusive ones.

Where can people contact you if they have any doubt?

I’m always happy to hear from your feedback on our developments. You can find me on LinkedIn, Twitter and Telegram. By the way, we are always looking for new talents so make sure to check our current openings.

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